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Congratulations! By arriving here, you have taken the first step in changing your life -- making money at home, working for yourself.

Hi - - This is Kate and Tom, we started back in 2003 to help others learn how to make money and start their own Internet business from home. You can gain independence and financial flexibility by operating an eBay® sales business right from your home. Everyone has seen many commercials on TV that want to sell you information. Frankly, that information is very basic, limited in what in helping you easily and quickly move forward. This full one day class is very different -- at this class you will receive five (5) different complete course materials that provides all the information you need to know -- explained to you in easy to understand language. Plus ...

We will guide and quickly educate you face-to-face in a live hands-on full day of training at our Ocala training center. We are experienced and successful eCommerce experts, achieving the status at eBay as Platinum PowerSellers, eBay Education Specialists, and eBay Trading Assistants, and, we have multiple eBay business operations ourselves. We have 100% Positive Feedback at our own eBay sales operations and many years of successful experience selling at eBay. Since 2003, has taught eBay and Internet business at College of Central Florida (formerly CFCC) and helped over a thousand others just like you learn to sell at eBay and shown how to be successful in business. We are using our personal break time to hold these special classes, so these couples classes are limited to just over our holiday break. And, because there are only four people in each class, the number of seats is limited. These are personalized classes where we focus on your success :)

You will be trained by us hands-on in a PC lab;

  • You will learn how to quickly sell and make money on eBay, and,
  • How to start your own eBay home-based business.

Having the years of experience we have, we know having two people involved in eBay sales and eBay business results in making more money more quickly and obtaining the highest levels of business success faster. That is why this limited-time offered full-day of training is geared to couples. A couple could be: you and your husband or wife, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, you and a relative (brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, mother, father, etc), or you and another friend -- you with another person you feel comfortable with as a partner who also wants to make money from home, gain independence, sell at eBay and build a successful eBay business.

What you should know already are basic things. Age, education, or physical challenges do not matter. You can quickly start making money right away from home.  If you want to make money, work the hours you want, become financially independent, and work for yourself -- then selling and having your own business at eBay is for you. There is little other investment required to start your own eBay business and many ways to sell at eBay and start a successful money making eBay business. We show you how.

You should have a computer (PC or Laptop) connected to the Internet at home,. If you have browsed the Internet or bought something online, use email, can type, take photos -- you can do this! (computers have a spell checker, and that helps us too :)  Between two people together as a couple you have the skills you need -- so as a couple, you both are a team working together. You don't have to be physically together when you work - you can work from your own homes where ever they are. From helping thousands of others sell on eBay and start eBay businesses, we know what it takes to get you to be successful. You can do it - this one day with us will get you the information you need to sell at eBay and start your business.

You can be selling right away on eBay right after this class. While you are selling and already making money, you will be doing the other things needed to start your eBay business. In the Starting Your Successful eBay Business course (which we wrote the 100 page course), all details of what you need to do are covered in the materials in simple easy to understand language. The Basics of Selling on eBay materials get you started selling immediately -- then as you become familiar with the basics of selling, you have the Beyond The Basics materials to take you to the next level success. The Internet Marketing course familiarizes you with all the ways of promoting your eBay business and products on the Internet, many that cost nothing to do. The added Trading Assistant materials you will receive at this class give you the information you need to earn substantial money selling items for other people on consignment. Tons of items from others to sell with no cost. We have made thousands of dollars selling other peoples items -- and you can too. It's easy!

You will be taught by the founders of the Internet Business Education Institute at College of Central Florida (CFCC) -- the same instructors who taught over a thousand others these same eBay and eBay business courses at CFCC. since 2003 has provided specialized eBay sales and eBay business training classes -- now two people (couples) that want to learn to sell on eBay and how to start an eBay home-based business can get up selling and a business going can do so quickly.

You will receive The Basics of Selling on eBay, Beyond the Basics, Starting your Successful eBay Business, Internet Marketing and Trading Assistant -- all five course materials listed for the total cost of $495 total per couple.

You receive eight hours of hands-on training on selling and receive the very same course information provided in classes at CFCC Internet Business Education Institute if you had taken all five courses at a cost of $1490.00.

Total cost for two people (couple) is only $495.  You save $995.00.

And with the two added bonuses, another $700.00 in value -- 

Your total savings as a couple are over $1700 for this special class.


eBay® Education Specialist
are trained by eBay® to teach
others the art of selling at eBay

The Basics of Selling on eBay® and Beyond
The Basics
are written by eBay® University






You will learn in a PC Lab hands-on how to sell on eBay.  This specialized training is conducted with only two couples at one time in a class. There are only four people in a class. This allows us to work closely and one-on-one with you. As a couple you will learn together how it works and how to do the things that need to be done working together as a team.  Each couple will have their own workstation in this special one-full-day eight-hour fast start  to selling at eBay and start your own eBay business class.

Once you complete enrollment, if you don't yet have an eBay and PayPal accounts, you will be assisted before day of class to set up your eBay and PayPal account. In class we go right to work in your own eBay and PayPal accounts, shown how to create ads on items to sell and start making money at eBay immediately.

You can start up and manage a eBay® Internet business that you can operate right from your home.

You will also be shown how to open an eBay® Store, how to sell at eBay® Auctions and Stores; how to obtain inventory to sell at no cost; and how to sell items for others and make profits as an eBay Trading Assistant. You will receive instruction on how to maximize your eBay sales, and how to market your new business and products in different market places. You'll be ready to sell on eBay.

This is usually the time we take our business break. With the economy slow down, we know there are many who need to make additional income, so we decided to work over our break time and help others learn to make money. So as that time will soon be upon us, this is a limited time class offer. We enjoy helping others sell on eBay and learn how to start an eBay business -- most of all -- we enjoy teaching you how to make money from home.

As there are only two couples in each class (4 people). As such, class dates have already filled quickly. We highly recommend you register now to get the date you want. Because of our prior business commitments, these classes are limited to being offered only over our break.

Today's Date:
Special class dates fill quickly - so plan to book far in advance.


Bonus One: Value: $199
Attendees of this class will receive a bonus CD packed full with all training materials that you can refer to again and again. Plus on the CD there are many digital templates you can easily customize to make up your own consignment agreements, templates that help you easily manage the inventory you are selling, plus create flyers and business cards for your marketing, and a lot of other information and tools to help guide you to success.

Bonus Two: Value: $500
(Usual business consulting is $250 hour - you get two hours after class at no charge). Attendees of these classes also receive two hours of follow-up focused consultation per couple to help make sure you are on the right start after class. These two hours one-hour sessions conducted with you via phone, or web conference, will help you get answers to your questions after class that you have. Time will used as you wish, in answering your questions, providing you guidance in your eBay ads and sales -- you will get the answers you need to get your eBay business open, up and running :)

Class Dates and Seating Are Limited - Booked
 $495.00 Total Cost For Two People
December 16th, 2016 - Friday, 9am - 6pm 
December 23rd, 2016 - Saturday, 9am - 6pm
December 30th, 2016 - Saturday, 9am - 6pm


    All special classes are booked.
     If you have questions about special classes, please call us at 321.574.4910, ext 1. Thanks.

Class Location:
These special classes will be held at our development and training center, which is located 5 minutes north of downtown Ocala, FL. Once you have completed registration you will receive a confirmation email with directions and a map.
Casual. If the weather is cold, dress accordingly. Most of all -- please be comfortable :)
Lunch break will be thirty minutes. Lunch will be served. If you have any special dietary needs, please bring any special foods, drinks or medications necessary.
We recommend a good nights sleep prior to class. All materials you need for class will be furnished. It is important to your success that once you have completed this training, that you have a PC or Laptop connected to the Internet at home to start selling on eBay, and developing the aspects of setting up your eBay business. If you smoke, there will be breaks every two hours, and smoking is permitted outside where there is outside seating.

Sell at eBay® Start eBay® Home-Based Business Class

Payment via Visa, MasterCard (Debit & Credit Card), Discover and American Express Accepted via PayPal
If you wish to pay by check, cash or money order, please call 321.574.4910 ext 1.


Your Name and Phone Number
If you would like to know more information on course materials in class, please click the course below.
  • Trading Assistant:

    This course materials we developed specifically for these limited- time offered couples classes.

    • Learn how to sell for others -- taking their items on consignment.
    • Includes templates you can use on basic consignment agreements, and inventory management
    • Suggested fees and charges to use on consignment services
    • Develop a base of customers, both individuals and businesses you sell for
    • How to market your consignment services, templates for flyers and business cards
    • How to get placement and listing at eBay as a Trading Assistant
    • Qualifications necessary to become an eBay Trading Assistant and much more

If you have any questions, please call our office at
321.574.4910, ext 1. No question is too small. Really!

We look forward to helping you
obtain your education and success on selling and starting your eBay business.

Katherine A. Damman

H. Thomas Burke
President / CEO
Internet Business Education Institute
Business Consultant
Internet Business Education Institute

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