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Celebrating our Ninth Year - 14 Different Internet Business Specialized Courses


AuctionInstructor.com, started by Tom Burke & Kate Damman who for more than a decade have achieved new benchmarks as eBay® eBay Power Seller


Kate & Tom - 2NicePeople at eBayKate and Tom wanted to help others learn step by step how to buy & sell at online auctions, and also save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes many others make.

Kate & Tom at eBay Live

Kate with Jim Griffith 'Griff' - Dean of eBay
® Education

Kate and Tom achieved the goals of an eBay® Power Seller in 2004 in their first 60 days at eBay®. Their eBay® auction and store training, and years of eCommerce business experience will help you in every aspect of auctions and online stores.

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Give a class as a gift with an Auction Gift Certificate!

A bit about Tom Burke
Education Specialist Trained by eBay

Tom is a native Floridian, born in South Florida, and Tom has been an eBay® Power Seller / eBay® Trading Assistant, and eBay® Education Specialist Trained by eBay®. Tom founded the Internet Business Education Institute (IBEI) at College of Central Florida (formerly Central Florida Community College - CFCC) in 2004.

As the Training Director and Senior Educator at AuctionInstructor.com, Tom Burke has over 38 years hands-on successful experience in:

  •  Live - Online, and Physical Auction Sales
  •  Consignment, Dropshipping & Estate Sales
  •  Buy-outs, Liqudations, Fundraising & Joint Ventures
  •  Direct Sales - Tangible & Intangible Products
  •  Retail & Wholesale Product & Service Sales
  •  Sales, Sales Management & Team Building
  •  Business Development and Personal Coaching

Tom guides AuctionInstructor.com (AI), and the Internet Business Education Institute.

AI provides hands-on one-on-one personal tutoring, business coaching, continuing education courses and online support. Tom and others on the AI team truly look forward to assisting you achieve the Internet business success you seek.

If you have any questions about any courses or the curriculum, or how AuctionInstructor.com can assist you, please, do contact Tom personally.

Remember ...
"there are no questions too small. Really!"


Listen to 'Griff' - Dean of eBay Education On The Air

Tune in and listen to the friendly voice of host of eBay® Radio -- Jim Griffith, "Griff", Dean of eBay University on eBay® Radio.


Twitter with 'Griff' - Dean of eBay Education at Twitter


AuctionInstructor.com provides:

-  Auction Buying andSelling Training & Development

-  Group Training Classes, Workshops and Seminars

-  One-on-One Hands-on Training - Personal/Business

-  eBay Store Building and Management Training

-  eCommerce / Auction Management System Training


Student Feedback

This class was by far the most important, informative, exciting class I have ever taken. The fee was an extremely small amount to pay for the volume of information received.

Tom Burke kept it exciting because his love for what he teaches and eBay are hand in hand with his life.

He truly lives, works and eats eBay! I was lucky to have him as a teacher and plan to attend other classes as soon as possible.

You just love your work. And there is definite "power" there. When you lit the candle, it burned throughout the whole day.

The class was very informative. It gave a clear overview of eBay and how to use it.

Fantastic!!! Tom is great, very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Well worth many times the price.


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