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Celebrating our Seventeenth Year - 14 Different Internet Business Specialized Courses


Community  & Group Education

We bring Internet
education right to you!

Classroom courses at the
Internet Business Education Institute

uality instruction for you, and others in your social circle.

Whether at your area library or community center, we can bring instruction about buying online, selling on eBay®, or starting a home-based Internet business at eBay®, how to protect yourself both on-and-off the Internet directly to you.

AuctionInstructor.com is dedicated in educating the public. Since 2004 we have been focused on developing Internet Business Education Courses, working to educate the public on Internet Business and bringing in Internet business support resources to assist students and citizens. Both locally in our Marion County area and other communities we thrive in assisting personal or family business success. We are fiercely dedicated to helping people protect themself and their family from fraud, scams and Identity Theft.

AuctionInstructor.com is also working to develop special Internet Business programs and support to help eliminate latch key, work with at risk kids, shut-ins, and individuals or groups with special needs.

If you are interested in becoming involved to help and support AuctionInstructor.com develop our community programs, maybe be involved as a mentor or volunteer for AuctionInstructor.com in our local programs in and around the Marion County, Florida area, or be a possible sponsor for any aspects that we serve the local Marion County community, please call us at 855-462-4400.

To find out information about becoming a DOUA Student, click hereClick here to Volunteer at DOUA.orgIf you need special assistance with online learning and have a disability of any kind, we suggest you connect with the Disabled Online Users Association.

The Disabled Online Users Association (DOUA) has established the Helping Hand Program to help disabled individuals achieve steps toward having a better life, financial independence as online auction sellers, and help with other aspects of their life.

To assist DOUA in their efforts with a donation or other contribution, click here"Their goal at DOUA is to help the differently-abled become self-sufficient and independent." "If you're disabled and would like to start your own online business, they can help."

Click here to find out more on becoming a Mentor for the DOUAThanks!


Free Personal Internet Safety Workshop - Buying Online and at eBay

Report Internet Scams & Fraud: IC3 | CRF (Report a Scam)

Federal Trade Commission

File A Complaint With the FTC
Order Publications form the FTC

Sponsored by AuctionInstructor.com

Avoic ID Theft National Do Not Call Registry Identity Theft Information
Saving Money At The Pump


Information About Spyware

ID Theft Data Clearing House
Information about protecting your child's information online Onguard Online Website Information About Spam eMail Tips for shopping safely online

Get The Latest Information From The Federal Trade Commission

Learn how to browse and buy safely at eBay®, PayPal® and the Internet,
how to avoid Home Business Scams, Identity Theft, eMail & Internet Scams ...

AuctionInstructor.com is truly delighted to help bring awareness and education to folks in our community on how to avoid Internet scams, identity theft, and how to buy and pay safely on the Internet.

AuctionInstructor.com works closely with leaders to provide information on Internet personal and business online safety topics your community wants to learn and know about. We can also help your group or organization in fund raising campaigns.

We can help Non-profit and civic groups reclaim the cash value of higher value items no longer needed or wanted that are donated.

Around Town

Free Workshops

Buying On eBay - Learn about the different kinds of auctions, bidding and how the auction and checkout process once you've won works.

Workshops include hand-outs & Q&A. To schedule a Free Buying on eBay Workshop in your community. Reach Out To Us today at 855-462-4400

Want to bring excitment into your business?

AuctionInstructor.com now offers on-site eBayStore Development and Corporate training classes.

To make arrangements for us to bring this timely and informative training directly to you, Reach Out To Us today at 855-462-4400

If you have a disability and need assistance with online learning, click here to visit the Disabled Online Users Association website

We will work
to bring
a community
workshop together
or find the right
fund-raiser for you


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