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Celebrating our Seventeenth Year - 14 Different Internet Business Specialized Courses




eBusiness eBay® Business Tools

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Business Market Web StrategyBusiness - Market - Web Strategy

>Starting A Business In Florida | DOR Startup Kit
>Florida Search: DBA | Inc/LLC/TM | Partnerships
>FL Online File: DBA | Inc/NP/LLC | Partnerships
>Federal EIN: Federal Employer ID Numbers
>Florida: State Resale & Sales Tax Registration
>USA: Business Licenses - All States | IRS Offices

USA Protection: Copyright | Trademark | Patent
>Online Newbies Business Basics  (PDF - 159k)
>Business - Marketing - Strategy Plan Software
>Auction Strategists | Business Plan Freeware
>Video Blogs: eBay Business | Help Wanted/Biz Opps

Wholesale Products

Huge diverse wholesale product selection: Office, Packaging, Industrial, Food Service, Facilities & Grounds, Janitorial Supplies, and more ...

(Veteran Owned and Operated Company - Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win. Their main HQ and warehouse is located in Sunny Ocala FL). Phone: 352.867.5050 (ask for Lisa)

Calculators / eBusiness ToolsCalculators / eBusiness Tools

>CashFlow | StartUpBreakEven | eMail ROI | eBay Ad
>Pay Per Click | Conversion: Site Visitors | Currency | Surveys

Keyword Evaluation ToolsKeyword Evaluation Tools
Keywords marketing means you only pay when someone clicks on your keyword ad. On average, you decide how much you're willing to pay if someone clicks. You can see how much your competitors are paying for clicks on the keywords you want. Example: If they spend $0.10 on a click, you can bid $0.11 and get an instant advantage over them.

>Yahoo via Verizon Media Search Marketing
Yahoo! was purchased by Verizon Media in 2017. There are several options for submitting your web pages and content so your business can appear in algorithmic (non-sponsored) search results.

>Goggle Ad Words Get ideas for new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance. You may also find additional terms that may trigger your ads. | Frequently Asked Questions

>Keyword Suggestion Tool
Need more than a keyword research tool? How about a market research tool. Take competitors' keywords, in-depth PPC and SEO insights, data from Google and our own proprietary search technology... All you need to do is start searching.

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

>Search Engine Watch - The Latest News
>Search Engine Guide | Search Engine News
>Search Engine Essentials & Submission Tips
>Keyword Density 1 | Keyword Density Advanced
>SEO Beginners Guide | Keyword Research
Multiple Search Engine Submit: Google

Web Design - Web Safe ColorsDomain Related - Web Safe Colors

>Domain Names - Website Picture Hosting
Visibone Web Design Card (HTML WC3)
>Web Design Resources Around The Web

Internet Communication Tools

>Streaming Speaking Video Audio Avatar
>Start Your Own Blog: Wordpress | Blogger

eBay Customer RetentioneBay Customer RetentionCustomer
Retention (CRM)

>My Store Maps - Reviews

>Constant Contact CRM

Order Toll Free 800 Numbers

>Check ATT


>Check eVoice

Help with your photos!

Docs are in PDF -
It's Free! Click here
Click here to get Acrobat Reader FREE


More eBay Seller InformationMore eBay® Seller Information

>New 2023: Multi-User Account Access
>New 2023: eBay® Sellers Tax Policy
>New 2023: eBay® Sales Tax & Import Policy
>USA Tax Information | eBay® Seller Updates
Accounting Softwares for eBay Businesses
>Unpaid Items | Store Promotions Manager

>eBay® Selling Tools | Promoted Listings
>Bulk Listings | Business Tool | Seller Hub
>Seller Performance | Seller Ratings
>Promotion Strategies | Listing Best Practices
>eBay® Affiliate Program | eBay Categories
>Using Social Media - Promoting Your Items
® Upcoming Seller UpFront Local Events
>More eBay
® Related Info | eBay Motors Fees


(07/15/23): To Pull Your Sales Reports in Your eBay Account - GO TO: MyeBay > Selling > Payments > Reports > Select Date Range (Up to 4 months) - Under Options, choose Download

To Pull ALL Your Account Reports - GO TO: My eBay > Account > Personal information > Your eBay data: Select the reports you want

eBay® & Pay Pal Connect Info

>eBay® Ph: 800.322.9266 or 888.749.3229
® Company Hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm PT
  Store Support: 866-322-9105 6-6 PT M-F
>Problems? eBay® Security Center
>Request Connect Info eBay
® Members
  You will need eBay
® Ad ID-Member Name

>PayPal Ph: 877.672.9725 or 800.836.1859
>PayPal Premier-Biz Accounts: 888.221.1161
>Problems? PayPal Security Claims Center

Auction & eStorefront NewsAuction & eStorefront News

>eCommerceBytes | eStorefront's at a Glance
® Store Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce Shopping CartseCommerce Shopping Carts

>Vendio | Website Payment Pro - Cart Options

Shipping - InsuranceShipping Insurance Fufillment

>eBay® Big Business Automated Fufillment
>eBay® Small Business Automated Fufillment

Click here to visit One Pak for Shipping >PakMail of Ocala (FL)

>Global Selling Program

>Costs and Handling Time

>eBay® Ship Center | PayPal Shipping
USPS-UPS Options | USPS-UPS Calculator
>UPS Ship Packages | Freight Calculator
>Shipping Insurance at up to 90% Savings
>Endicia Internet Postage | DHL Drop Locator
Endicia Internet Postage lets you print postage for all your mail. All you need is a PC, Internet connection, and a laser or inkjet printer. Try it free for 30 days and you can start printing postage right away!
List your shipment and get bids from the largest community of feedback-rated movers, carriers, transporters and independent drivers on the planet!

Software Tools

>The best background photo app anywhere FREE
Studio Quality Product Pictures in Seconds
The absolute best to remove background, change background and showcase products in one click.

>Antivirus - Malware, VPN, Life Lock
- We recommend Norton Security Softwares

>eBay® API Application & Developer Features

>Cross Posting Ads: www.ListPerfectly.com
>Sniping Assistant (Auction Bidding Software)
>Website Statistics Softwares - Free & Paid

>GoToMY PC Connect To Your PC From Anywhere

Fraud - Identity Theft

>Siciliano Blog Security & Identity Theft Expert



Ask for Wally or Walter | Pak Mail Ocala Center
Can Do Automated Sales Fufillment For Sellers
1202 SW 17th St., Ocala, Florida 34471
Ph 352.368.9779 | eMail Pakmail343@aol.com
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 10am-6pm | Closed Sundays


Express handles the purchase of equipment on ebay.com, coordinates payment to the seller, and works with you to organize fast shipping to your business. Questions? Call 310.571.9600

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