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Celebrating our Seventeenth Year - 14 Different Internet Business Specialized Courses


Hands-on Training

AuctionInstructor.com's purpose is to get you the knowledge you need to be a eBay Power Seller at eBay.


Interactive Teaching in our PC Learning LabBusiness expertise in an informal setting where learning is easy, fun
and effective.

Get your online business the success and profits you seek.



Small classes of 2, 4
or 6 are available.

The pace and structure of class and custom created curriculum matching your needs is relaxed to ensure you understand and grasp the course material.

You have questions - you get immediate answers!

Our hands-on training with computers,
take you live on eBay in your own account.

2023: S
mall personalized hands-on business classes, 2-4 in a class focus in the the area(s) you need help can be conducted in our Training Studio. Our Training Studio is located on the north side of Ocala Florida, just minutes from downtown Ocala.

We also have a "Train The Trainer" Program that can help you start your own business training others.

Through Internet business education matched to your needs, you will learn how to accelerate your existing or new online business to the top levels of success.

eBay Sales, Internet Sales and eBay
® and Internet Business Consulting
Trading Assistant Training & Train The Trainer Instructor Development

Hands-on Interactive PC Learning Lab

We provide the Internet eBusiness and eBay® education you need. We are delighted to train and coach you in the specific areas of Internet Business you want help in.

Corporate Training Available

Training provided on-site (like shown above) at your business location, or in a state-of-the-art PC lab, where each member on your team has their own PC workstation. Reach Out To Us today at 855-462-4400




Student Feedback


Instructor was excellent. Not only has the book theory, but has the actual experience of really doing the eBay business.



This class was by far the most important, informative, exciting class I have ever taken. The fee was an extremely small amount to pay for the volume of information received.



The class was well taught, very thorough and very informative. I learned a great deal, more than I would have expected. Excellent!


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